Course rules & race schedule

Course :

The Race Director reserves the right to modify/adapt the race courses should weather conditions demand such measurements. The race routes will be chosen only 1 hour before the start according to the weather and the paddler skills.
The Race Director may authorize the interruption of a race, which has a fair start if an unforeseen problem occurs.
A sound signal will be used to launch the race.
Two repetitive sound signals signify a false start.
Five repetitive sounds will be used to halt the race.
The Race Director can disqualify a competitor.

Route :

The course routes will be presented in details the day of the race. Some panels will be displayed along the route to avoid cap mistake.
The challenge comprises a short-distance race of ~13km (suitable for SUP and paddle board) and a long-distance race of ~22km (suitable for outrigger/Va’a and kayaks/surfskis) to allow people of different categories to arrive approximately at the same time.
A “channel” book will be provide to each participant before the race start.
Two check-points will be positioned along the route to avoid irregularities and to offer water and food (banana, sugar).

Race Schedule :

Saturday 13th April 2013 - Noordwijkerhout - Oosterduinse Meer ( Camping Sollasi - Parking )
09.00: Welcome !
09.15: Registration
09.30: Briefing
10.00-10.30: Start of the race for all categories *
12.00: First arrival expected
16.00: Last arrival authorized
16.30: Results and prizes

* Nota bene: the schedule might be modified according the number of competitors per category.
People can start alone and with other friends/people during the starting slot.

Some food will be proposed to the competitors at the finishing spot. Thus, the first arriving people could eat, watch and encourage the other participants.
After the prize ceremony, you can stay on the spot with us and enjoy the rest of the day or you can visit the surf school “Surf and bike” at the beach “Langeverlderslag” (2km from the Camping) for playing in the north sea if the waves show up…

Course rules:

  1. The participants are requested to keep in mind the spirit of this challenge.
  2. The race and results are secondary compared to the pleasure of the participants.
  3. The safety aspects should not be neglected (see below).
  4. A few volunteers will be positioned along the course as lifeguards and judges. They are not professional and you should respect their advices and orders.
  5. Some channels are used for boat navigation and will not be closed for our course. Please, respect the naval boat code.
  6. Some channels might be narrow for several people beside. Please, be fair and facilitate movement of each other.
  7. A bonus of 5 minutes will be deduced from the arrival time if the participant or the SUP/paddle board/surf ski/outrigger is disguised. This bonus will be of 15 minutes if both are disguised.
  8. The participant with the best disguise will get 20 minutes bonus.
  9. The short and long distance races are open to any race categories authorized.
  10. A relay challenge may be organized for people willing to share a craft or having only a craft for two. Please, contact us if this is your case.
  11. Before the race, a disclaimer paper will be provided to you and has to be signed. This paper contains the following summarized statements: you are fit for such sport challenge and your doctor allows you to participate to the race. You must have a valid insurance and you will not sue the organisation for any damages/accidents/problems.

Safety :

The safety personnel or Race Director can withdraw competitors at any time during the race if the competitors do not comply with the race rule and conditions.
The Race Director, rescue and organization teams accept no liability whatsoever for any damage to a craft or a third person.

It is strongly advised by the race committee that all competitors wear their
approved flotation device and carry a spare paddle + flare. If conditions are rough, the Race Director can enforce you to wear a flotation device and carry a flare/spare paddle. Failure will result in disqualification.
A competitor will be immediately disqualified if he or she does not comply with any security rules.
All entrants to this race are responsible for their own well-being and safety at all times.
You must have a valid insurance for such sport.

A few canoes might run along the course as first help with a first aid kit and communication devices to call the emergency and organization.