Island Tour

The Island Tour is a project we have in mind to organize a paddling ride from island to island in “Friesland” and oriented for long-distance watermen.
It would be a challenge for fit and experienced watermen using a SUP or paddle board or surf ski or outrigger.
The aims of this Island Tour Challenge would be:

  • to offer a nice course in a beautiful and unusual environment for north Europe watermen;
  • to allow people to discover Holland under an other aspect;
  • to discover the legendary and amazing colored tulip fields;
  • to provide people to taste a long-distance waterman race in a safe frame;
  • to promote water sports and in particular rescue and Hawaiian sports in the Netherlands.

We would like to propose to participants a “Dutch Island Tour” but we need time to organize such an event in full safety (escort boats, safety gears,…) and wellness (facilities, food/beverage supply and accommodation). We also need material and financial support and welcome any sponsors…