Registration for 2013

The 5th edition of the Tulipaddle will take place the Saturday 13th April 2013. We hope, people travelling from abroad will be able to come despite the short week end for enjoying the peaceful “Tulipland”…

Entry :

The Race Director reserves the right to refuse an application from an individual and to limit the number of participants and/or to stop new registration at any time.

Minimum age : 14 years (under parental authorization for minors).

Enrolment fees :

30 Euros for each participant, comprising a t-shirt, a number sticker, a “channel” book, beverage/food during the course and a voucher for the barbecue.
No deposit is required - Pay the day of the race.

15 Euros will be asked for each partner/friend.

If you have to cancel before the race day, tell us as soon as possible.
Please, don’t abuse of this flexibility because our budget is very limited.

Pre-Registration form :

Family name:
First name:

Date of birth (DD/MM/YY):
Adress (number, street, postcode, city, country):

Category (OC1/V1, OC2/V2, SUP, PB, SS1/K1, SS2/K2):
Race (short distance ~15km or long distance ~25km):
Interested by a relay challenge (2 people for one craft) ? (Y/N, comments):

Are you interested by the barbecue after the race? (Y/N)
Friends/partners/family expected (Y/N, number):
Are your partner/firend interested by the barbecue after the race? (Y/N)
For how many people?
Any other business:

New registration system :

You have to pre-register online (copy/paste/fill in the form in the reply section) or send us an email at or with the required information (see Pre-Registration Form) before the 7th of April 2013.
Then, you will receive a confirmation with your number of competitors.
Due to some registration abuses, no registration will be allowable on the race day.

Depending on the weather forecast, the barbecue and/or the race can be canceled. A note of the news/blog will be written 2-3 days before the race to confirm the event.

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