Results 2009

The Tulipaddle Team

The Tulipaddle Team

Race results :

Short distance (17 km) :
1st SS1 and overall : Eveline Mestrom and Saskia Coolen
1st short distance PB : Thibaut Francois

Long distance (25km) :
1st SS1 and overall : Rik op het Veld
2nd SS1 : Jeroen Osinga
1st OC1 : Christoph Hirschenberg
1st OC2 and OC category : Huelsenbeck father and soon

Disqualified: the whole french connection for having on purpose shorten the short-distance race to the very-short-distance race (13 km).

Special girl prize : Sharon Zaal for her great performance on a longboard instead of a paddle board.

Special boy prize : Vincent Pellet-Bourgeois for having fallen with an OC1 in front of the food/beverage point.

32 competitors
2 SUPs
5 OC1, 1 OC2
6 PBs
17 SS1

Summary of the day :

8.20 - Arrival of the TTT and some competitors.

8.30 - 9.30 - Greetings and crafts preparation. The schedule was a bit delayed by the time taken for organizing but also by a few late competitors.

9.30 - Registration and map.

10.00 - Briefing and questions.

10.30 - SUP and PB in the water.
10.35 - Start of the SUP/PB race.
10.40 - SS and OC in the water.
10.45 - Start of the SS/OC race.

12.30 - Arrival of the first competitors at point “J” for food/beverage. Surprisingly, Thibaut (PB) arrived with 2-3 minutes behind Eveline and Saskia (SS1).

13.17 - Arrival of the first competitors.

14.30 - Start of the barbecue.

15.15 - Last arrival.

15.45 - The nature guard of GZH asked to remove the cars from the spot.

16.00 - Speech. Thanks to the competitors, to the sponsors in particular Wetiz and Sipre; without them the challenge would have been too difficult and expensive to organize with the same quality.

16.05 - Prizes.

16.15 - Take off of several competitors to go home.

18.00 - End of the barbecue and cleaning.

18.30 - TTT went to the beach at Langevelderslag (Surf school “Surf and bike”) for a last glas of wine.


Positive :

  • food/beverage;
  • spirit, atmosphere, enthousiasm;
  • lake spot, nice frame;
  • relaxing, funny;

Negative :

  • a few misleading markings (1 lost SS1);
  • website not clear for getting some information (lake spot name);
  • overstepping a bridge (point A);
  • water not deep enough at some point;

Magazine & Newspaper :

An article about the Tulipaddle 2009 was published in the European lifesaving magazine CDC : CDC-magazine-article