Results 2011

Iron bridge area

Iron bridge area

48 competitors

0 SS2
15 SS1
4 PB
0 OC2
1 OC1
25 SUP

21 SD
27 LD

8 girls
40 boys

The resume of the event will be online soon…

After re-checking, it appears that the declared winner Joep Van Bakel in SS1 LD category did not do the 3 loops. Therefore the 1st place for long distance SS1 goes to Jan Willem Den Hartog.

Gerhard Van Geest broke his directional fin…

Best PB LD: Aurélie Goffin (BE) 3h24m40s
Best PB SD: Nélé Van Buel (BE) 2h18m30s

Best SS1 LD: Jan Willem Den Hartog (NL) 2h37m20s
Best SS1 SD: Wim Nuyens (BE) 1h37m40s

Best SUP SD: Miriam Bisi (NL) ( 1h57m30s
Best SUP LD: Erwin Janssen (NL) 2h41m30s

Best OC1 SD: Laetitia Pellicano (FR) 3h09m20s
Best OC1 LD: /

No OC2/SS2 category represented

Girl of the day: Hélène Vilminot (FR) - to have missed the Tulipaddle because of a broken back when climbing
Boy of the day: Ed Asselé - (NL) for his good spirit, his smile… (

Youngest girl: Romi Nuyens (BE)
Youngest boy: Reinier Van Dam (NL)

A big thanks to all competitors!

Thanks to all sponsors (Wetiz, Billabong, Keukenhof, Cool shoe, Hartbeach, ONeill, Coureurs d’écume magazine) for having provided materials and prizes to the winners!