Results 2013

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Even if the day started with clouds, it finished with a big sun and a nice smile of the paddlers.

About 40 competitors:
Best PB SD: David Couturier (FR) 3h35m00s
Best PB LD: /
Best SUP SD: John Nijenhuis (NL) 1h48m40s
Best SUP LD: Ike Frans (NL) 2h49m30s
Best OC1 SD: Hélène Batoz (FR) 3h06m40s
Best OC1 LD: Didier Thibault (BE) 2h47m30s
Best SS1 SD: Noemy Thibault (BE) 1h29m10s
Best SS1 LD: XX (BE) 2h02m10s
Over all winner: SS1
No OC2/SS2 category represented
Boy of the day: Robin TST (The Security Team) for having put a competitor in the water…
Girl of the day: Anke (SS1° for having struggled a lot with the wind
Long-distance = 23,01km measured by a competitor (Cos) in 2012
Short-distance = 12,27km measured by a competitor (Yann) in 2013



A big thanks to all competitors!
Thanks to all sponsors (Wetiz, Von Orange, Cool shoe, Coureurs d’écume magazine) for having provided materials and prizes to the winners!