Info & Accommodation

Accommodation :

It would be interesting for all competitors to stay in NL several days after the race to enjoy the Koninginnenacht (Queen’s night) in The Hague and the Koninginnedag (Queen’s day) in Amsterdam and to cycle along the tulip fields. For the accommodation, we advise you to come by Sollasi who offers many products (bungalows, caravan and tent places…) for a reasonable price. Sollasi comprises a camping park, a bungalow park, tennis courts, a restaurant and a pizzeria. Moreover, you will be on the starting/finishing spot of the race which is a nice, quiet and beautiful lake. Sollasi is perfect for families and is in the area of many activities (Dunes, beach, Golf, Keukenhof, Duinrell, Linnaeushof, Naturalis, Noordwijk Space Expo…).

Our contact for Sollasi’s camping, Mr Demeijer who is very nice, told us the camping is rather busy for the tulip period. Moreover, the manager of the Sollasi’s bungalow-park has still some bungalows left but told us the park will be full in January. Therefore, be careful, book early your accommodation to be sure to be near the spot!

For further information about accommodation, have a look on the website of the Tourism office of Noordwijkerhout.

The main airport (Schiphol) of the country is at 30-40km and many trains stop in cities around.

Renting :

You can rent some bikes at different places (see Tourism office) for enjoying the lakes and the surroundings.

For renting crafts (OC, PB, SS, SUP), we are going to have a deal with :

  • Thomas Zachert - Wetiz (official sponsor)
  • Paul Meijer - Kanoshop (partner)

Tourism :

  • VVV Noordwijkhout (Tourism office of Noordwijkhout)
    Dorpsstraat 8
    2211 GC Noordwijkerhout
    tel.: +31(0)252-372096
    fax: +31(0)252-372096
    Opening hours:
    Monday - Saturday: 10.00 - 17.00 hrs
    Sundays and holidays: closed
  • VVV-ANWB winkel Lisse (Tourism office of Lisse)
    Grachtweg 53a
    2161 HM Lisse
    tel.: 0252-414262
    fax: +31(0)252-418639
  • VVV winkel Warmond (Tourism office of Warmond)
    Dorpsstraat 4a
    2361 BB Warmond
    tel.: 0900-2222333 (0,50 p.m.)
    fax: +31(0)71-3012699
    ma-vrij 09.30 - 12.30 uur & 13.30 - 16.30 uur
    zaterdag 09.30 - 15.00 uur
    zondag gesloten
  • VVV / ANWB Winkel Katwijk (Toursim office of Katwijk)
    Voorstraat 41 in Katwijk
    Postbus 101
    2220 AC Katwijk
    Telefoonnummer algemene informatie: 0900-2222 333
    Telefoonnummer (reserveringen):
    +31(0) 71 - 4075444
    maandag t/m vrijdag
    10.00 - 17.30 uur
    9.30 - 17.00 uur
    zondag gesloten
  • Teylingen Municipality
    Gemeente Teylingen
    Postbus 149
    2215 ZJ Voorhout.
    Wilhelminalaan 25
    2171 CS Sassenheim
    Raadhuisplein 1
    2215 MA Voorhout
    Telefoon +31252783300
    Fax +31252783599